Essay about Biblical Poetic Readers : Learning How You Know God

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Biblical Poetic Readers: Learning How To Know God
Can you live in the world, partake of the ways of the world, and yet please God? Psalm 1 is written by an anonymous psalmist, however, the reader can see the psalmist knows God, as well as understands that life without him is bleak. The Wisdom of the psalmist has shined through this Psalm to create this illustration of a wonderful wisdom psalm, perhaps through personal experience or sometime in his life, God revealed to him the importance of the godly life, how life is without Him, and how He rewards us for having a relationship with Him. This psalm also includes the warnings and what precautions the reader should heed to, so the warning will not come to fruition. Psalm 1 teaches: the way of destruction is to partake of the world, uniquely, the psalmist illustrates that: God will demonstrate his love for us through His giving when we choose Him and not the world.
First, the parallelism is chiastic showing the three perspectives: not walking with ungodly, not standing with sinners, and not sitting with scoffers, will result in the main claim of being blessed. The tenor of this psalm is a metaphor of inspiration. It inspires not to just to read the Bible, but to live by it, gain knowledge, to immerse into the word of God, which in turn will make the reader happy, jubilant and perhaps to the point of being overjoyed. The illustration of sitting, standing and walking is a trope of metonymy, the words used is an example not to…

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