Biblical Aspects Of A Religion Essay example

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Arguably one of the most integral aspects of a religion is its scriptural text. It assumes the role as an identifier to the followers of that particular practice as well as provides a sort of guide book of traditions and values. The Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam find their own respective ‘guide books’ in the form of the Tanakh, the Bible, and the Qur’an. Although these three scriptural canons share the similar belief of dedicating oneself to one true God (names may vary) and sometimes in doctrinal values, their origins, meanings, interpretations, and execution of interpretation through tradition often strongly vary as a result of the lengths of time over which they were written, the identity and number of contributors to each scriptural canon, and what each religion experienced at those moments to influence what they wrote as well as how that text came to be interpreted over time and the execution of that interpretation. One leading factor of differentiation is the process by which these canons were written. It should be noted that God himself did not directly write the scriptures, but rather just inspired them. Scribes, prophets, and secretaries were the ones to pen religious text from their origins as oral tradition. Second, none of the canons can pinpoint their conception to a certain date, as they were all composed over extended periods of time by various authors. If a text is to be viewed as canon, then the canon itself “is considered both…

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