Feminist Theory To Study Religion Essay

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Religion is a complex concept that is really hard for even religious theologians to define, and there hasn’t been a clear definition for this term simply because what we know as religion is more than what one word can describe. The academic study of Religion is a major key to understanding this concept. However, in the academic discipline of Religious Studies, there are many theoretical approaches, and other discipline theories that are used to define and understand religion, and that makes it possible for religious, and non-religious individuals to understand this complex phenomenon. Even in some countries such as India, religion isn’t identified as religion, their beliefs and way of life is exactly that (McCutheon, 2). Religious Studies …show more content…
Among all of theories to understanding religion, in this paper the feminist theory will be discussed, along with theories of anthropologist, and the methods they use, and the transcendence and non-transcendence …show more content…
This viewpoint revealed new understandings of religion and how women are including in the stories and historical events that happened importance of women in religion. In recent feminist traditions, the focus has been placed critically on androcentrism and how the male prospective have dominated the discussions regarding religion. Feminist also suggest that the field of religious studies has been sexist, both directly and indirectly because it has ignored the roles of women within religion and society as a whole (Kunin, 138). Critics of the feminist prospective may say that this is an extreme way to analyze religion, but understanding and studying religion from even the most extreme theories will help grasp at the complex concept of religion as a whole. Transcendentalism and non-transcedentalism are concepts that help examine religion and the theories of these two ideas concepts represent two different beliefs of people on

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