Bhopal Gas Tradegy Essay

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Nevertheless, analysts have striven to develop “objective” measures to express “acceptable risks” for a society. Starr attempted to determine the cost-benefit of risk using fatalities per person per hour of exposure and average amount of money spent by an individual participant or average contribution the activity makes to an individual’s annual income. Inhaber compared the risks of various energy systems on the basis of ccupational and public deaths per megawatt-year net output over the lifetime of the systems . Hohenemser used “quantitative measures of hazard consequences which are conveniently expressed as mortality or injury probabilities” and Litai et al. focused on actuarial analysis to develop risk conversion factors.

The results of such endeavors have not proven very satisfactory. Government agencies today use a crazy quilt of quantitative life valuations:

OSHA $2-5 million, EPA $1-7.5 million, FAA $650,000.

Turner finds that organizational responses to hazard cannot be treated as purely technical problems. Covello is concerned that little attempt has been made to analyze the effects of organizational and social structural variables on risk perceptions.

Multiple Perspectives

The use of applied mathematics techniques and tools, for

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