Beyond The Rationality Of Economic Man Essay

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In the article, Beyond the rationality of economic man, toward the true rationality of human man, by John Tomer, we once again see the argument of what rationality truly is come to light. In this particular article Tomer stands on the side that mainstream economics and the idea of economic rationality is not a complete rationality. He goes on to explain that true rationality will be a combination of bother instrumental rationality and rationality of ends (Tomer 1704). The combination of the two creates a process in which appropriate reason is used to choose the best possible means to an end, and an end that serve’s our best interest (Tomer 1704). From this true rationality the author explains that we as a society will not only benefit he states, “Not [strictly] in an economic ideal; it is a wise human ideal which would be associated with the highest possible well-being, well-being in a much broader inclusive human sense, not the utilitarian, materialistic well-being that economist tend to focus on” (Tomer 1710). As such, us in the Marxist school are ecstatic to align ourselves with this idea of a great well-being for all. This is due to our long-standing battle with capitalism and how they exploit the working class for economic benefit, which could change if both the mean and the end is identified with a moral sense to it as prescribed by Tomer (Tomer 1707). Let us first outline Tomer’s argument which will transmit a clear connection to the Marxist School. In Tomer’s…

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