Beware Of Greek Bearing Gifts Analysis

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If you say something enough times it becomes truth. An adage or maxim is just that, a sentence that is an observance of some event that expresses a common truth. “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” is an instance of this dating back to the Trojan War which was said to have occurred in the 12th or 13th century B.C.E. It was alluded to by both Virgil and Sophocles in their discussions of the Trojan War ( The adage exists as another way to say do not trust your enemies especially if they have a gift or are being generous. This maxim also has a connection to being against immigration and those who are of different ethnic, racial, or religious backgrounds. “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” is not stuck in ancient times but is current and has political implications. This adage can be used to be against immigration of particular groups, to create laws against ethnic, racial or religious groups, and to have cause in resentment or fear of a particular group.
“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” connects to the issue of immigration and racism regarding immigration because of the fear that is associated with allowing those who are of particular groups into a country.
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He came to my grandmother’s house and had two poinsettia plants with him, he rang the bell, my grandmother answered and the first thing she said was “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.” She said this completely unserious and joking, because my father is Greek and was bearing gifts, however there is slightly more to this story. My mother comes from an Irish family who before my father had no personal connection to anyone who was Greek and my mother being with my father was something that was unusual and different. The unusual and different is the third meaning of this adage. Beware of those who you know nothing about and are outside of the

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