Between Lions And Men Analysis

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The article Between Lions and Men by Michael Clarke focuses on the use of literary devices, particularly similes, involving animals in Homeric writing. This article was written as typical culture presents animalistic comparisons to be insignificant, making the beast-similes in the Iliad superficial rather than been seen as essential to many aspects of the plot. According to Clarke, this concept led to the common belief that Homer’s use of beast-similes is to relieve the repetitiveness and dreariness from battle scenes. Modern theories tend to suggests that these similes bare being used to amplify the story. The author’s thesis was that the symbolism of aggressive and wild animals in Homer has a deeper meaning that simply being stylistic as …show more content…
This application of roles indicates that the similes has a deep meaning and is greatly connected to the characters perhaps on a psychological and moral level as well as on the actions of each character. Clarke argues that it is crucial that wolves and lions do not feel affection in the manner that people do, and this describes the relationship between Hector and Achilles (Clarke 1990, 144). Other similes that use a similar method of displaying actions, emotions, and relations can be found throughout The Iliad. Clarke explores connections between the physical strength and aggression of beasts in comparison to their assigned warrior. From this it is seen that Achilles associated himself not only with strength and bravery but also with mental brutality that leads him towards self-destruction. With further analysis Achilles’ simile glorifies extreme heroic qualities to the point where they are nearly suicidal. This is relative to Achilles’ personality throughout the epic, Achilles had been so determined to gain kleos that he ignored multiple prophecies. Clarke also argues that Achilles’ self-comparison to beasts suggests that he is isolated from other characters based on his unique characteristics (Clarke 1990, 153). Achilles tends to be individualized based on the enormous fury he holds unlike anyone

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