Betty Ford 's First Lady Essay

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Betty Ford was just like any other woman, however she aspired to do something different than a traditional homemaker. She wanted to make an impact in life, and she eventually did as another great First Lady. As a young woman, Betty was inspired by three dear women,her mother, her dance instructor at Calla Travis Dance Studio, and the famous Eleanor Roosevelt. “..the incumbent First Lady belief that she had the right to express opinions independent of the President and her shaping the First Lady role to match her individualism caught young Betty Ford’s attention and she found it to be healthy.” ( Betty grew up and lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For employment, Betty modeled for a local department store, as well as opened up her own dance studio, where she instructed children. ( Betty Ford was married twice. First, to a traveling salesman, William Gustavus Warren, who she soon divorced, in light of an abusive relationship. Next, in 1948, she married Gerald R. Ford, and instantly became a politician’s wife. As the wife of a congressman, she had a certain reputation to uphold.Therefore, she immersed herself in learning various aspects of the political process. Additionally, she joined the 81st Congress Club and the National Federation of Republican Women ( Equally important, Betty acted as both mother and father of the the Ford children, during her husband’s travels. Unfortunately, this responsibility is usually…

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