Betrayal In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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There are many themes that are displayed throughout the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Themes like, love, betrayal, new money and old money, upper and lower class, and even colors are very important characteristics of this novel. Love is a very important thing in life and Gatsby has been in love with the same girl for many years. In the 1920’s you love the people with old money and do not have respect for the people with new money. It is very clear if you are a part of the upper class or if you are with the lower class. Upper class people have bright colored things and bright lives, and lower class people live in the darkness of color. And no matter who you are and if you have money or not, betrayal could happen to you. The …show more content…
It does not matter who you are and if you have money or not, betrayal could happen to you. During the novel you find out that Gatsby leaves his old life to become a better person and when he finds out that he needs to be rich to get his love back. Gatsby started to sell bootlegged alcohol. He would throw extravagant parties using the bootlegged booze hoping for Daisy to be impressed. Another betrayal in this novel is Daisy to Gatsby. Daisy betrays Gatsby by telling him that she had never loved her husband Tom, but she did love him. Gatsby loved the idea that she never loved him. Tom and Gatsby was in an argument and Gatsby accused Daisy of never loving Tom but Daisy admitted that this was not true. Daisy told Gatsby of her love for Tom “I did love him once” (Fitzgerald 126). Gatsby felt very betrayed because of this. Betrayal also happens to the poor. George Wilson was a mechanic in the Valley of Ashes and his friend Tom was having an affair with his wife Myrtle Wilson. George would always talk to Tom about him thinking that Myrtle was cheating on him.Tom would always say that he would tell George if he seen anything and he was betraying George by doing this to him and not telling him the

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