Best And Worst Food For Sleep By Holly Grainger

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How to overcome insomnia Morning sunshine came through my window. I realized that I stared at the window from moonlight changed to daylight. There are two things that torture me the most, one is toothache and the other one is insomnia. Hard to sleep, it is a common problem for modern people. Sleep is the most important body activity, especially for children and teenagers. Our brain and body organs can be relaxed during sleep time. An adult needs seven to eight hours sleep per night. For me, a girl, if I lack of sleep, my face color will turn to dull yellow, which is super ugly, and pimple will grow on my face. Lacking of sleep is harming your body, and it can show up on your face. How to sleep well become the biggest question …show more content…
Holly Johnson Grainger introduces how to eat can help sleep in his article “Best and Worst Foods for Sleep” .The best food for sleep are milk, soybeans, walnuts, salmon, spinach, chicken and lentils. All these food which are good for sleep, contains sleep-promoting tryptophan and amino acid, including Vitamin B6, calcium and protein. The worst food are chocolate, fatty foods, spicy food, alcohol and high-protein meal. These food mostly contains caffeine and fats, including sodas, which can make your brain excited and then hard to sleep. Changing to eat healthier is not hard compares to other solutions like doing exercise. Running, playing sports and exedra, can make you feel tired then easily fall in sleep with a tired body. To be aware of, do not do heavy exercises right before sleep, it only makes your brain excited, which is even worse. Also, some of your living habits can cause insomnia. If we want to sleep early and deep in the night, sometimes we need stop taking nap in daytime. A lot of people have extra sleeps on weekends, it is a bad habit. Our inner clock will be messed up if we intend to stay up late or sleep over time, then we cannot sleep in the regular time if we have to. Even on weekends, make a sleep schedule, wake up at the same time as on weekdays will help a lot for insomnia. But sometime our body is tired, but our brain is still active, that is a worse …show more content…
“One of the most simple but important reasons technology affects our sleep is cognitive stimulation,” says Mark Rosekind, PhD. I have read an article about Alexander Wang, who is a famous designer. Wang says he turns off all electronic devices one hour before sleep and starts to read a book. In Dash Burst’s article “Are You Aware of How Technology Affects Your Sleep?”, he says “The problem with this is that using a self-luminous display even two hours before hitting the hay can suppress the melatonin in your body, messing up your natural clock (essentially making your feel less tired” My dad always tells me to get rid of my cell-phone, but I never listen, now I am suffered by insomnia. Smart phone is convinces our life, but in other way, it hurts our health. Using electronic devices may not be a good choice for bedtime activities, instead, I recommend reading a book or listening to music before

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