Bernie Sanders Essay Outline

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Bernie Sanders is a Democratic candidate that is running for President of the United States. He was elected to the U.S. Senate after 16 years as Vermont’s only congressman in the House of Representatives. Bernie Sanders is a unique individual that comes from a Jewish family, mostly appeals to the young crowd, and primarily supports the middle and low working classes. But now faces a new challenge as Bernie Sanders is new blood when it comes to presidential election in that he is a self-proclaimed democratic socialist who might be scary to some Americans, America being a largely capitalist nation and some of his ideas might even be frightening to people with crazy notions. If Bernie Sander were to be elected, he would raise the minimum wage …show more content…
A single payer system is one where a single public body holds the funds used to finance healthcare, in this case it would be the state. Families would save $6,000 per year from medical bills which would help families with financial stability in the event that one gets really sick. In addition, hospitals, pharmacies and insurance companies would have savings of 12 percent just for having free health care. Employers who offer this insurance would save more than $9,000 per employee for not having to pay insurance for employees because of the free healthcare. Free health care would result in the reduction of the price of generic drugs, because the government would be paying for some of the cost of those drugs. But consequently, the taxes for U.S. would soar by 8.5%. Some people say this would lead citizens to spend more money for products, which would lead the economy down the wrong path. Regardless, Bernie Sanders is running on a platform that he will provide free public college tuition for students who will attend college. This would certainly result in more high school graduates attending college and high school graduates that normally couldn’t even dream of going to college would have a huge opportunity to get a higher education. This is what the education system needs for more people to acquire a higher education. In these times people need to acquire a higher education to live comfortably in the future as jobs get more progressive, making it harder and harder for people without a college education to get a job. Furthermore, free college tuition would improve the middle class from not paying expensive college institutions. The students that are attending the institutions would no longer be in debt and have to owe colleges thousands of dollars for years to come and

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