Essay On Social Construction Of Society

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The self as defined by Mead is an interaction between the two parts of oneself, the "I" and "Me". The "I" acts based of experiences (e.g. what actions people like, what actions will make people proud) and the "me" represents that understanding of society that the "I" draws from to act (our idea of society in miniature). Thus, the "me"'s idea of society's attitudes towards different actions is reliant upon its experience within society, and the "I"'s actions are reliant upon the "me"'s understanding of society. Therefore, both the person's actions, and experiences that determine those actions, rely on socialization.

Berger and Luckmann's social construction of reality is best examined when the reality of the situation changes. The meanings beforehand established (ex. cannibalism is bad) can change when circumstances change. "Society is a social product, society is an objective reality, humans are social products"; which means that when the social situation making definitions of what is right change, the definition of what is right can change. Society is now changed for that group, and that society has become an objective reality, which exerts its new definitions on the members of the society. So, what is in fact constructed by its members has become an
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In this system, the illusion is given that the teacher is dispensing knowledge in the best way possible, and the students would do well to take in their teachings. In banking education, no real dialogue or understanding is established between the two roles. This is opposed to Freire's problem-posing education which thrives off interaction and equalization of the two roles to mutually learn from each other. Banking, by virtue of its establishment of authority and obedience, cannot have that

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