Beowulf The Geat Hero : Character List Essay examples

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Beowulf the Geat Hero
Character List:
Beowulf- Kyle Gipson
Narrator 1- JOEY KELLER
Narrator 2-Sam
Wiglaf- Lucy
Dane 1 and 2-
More Random Danes-
Unferth- Emily
Grendel’s mother (aka the serpent)-Maddie
King of the Thanes- `

Act 1
Narrator 1: “In a land only known by those who follow the Old Norse. Lies a man whose strength rivals of the god, whose bare hands can crush medal to dust, who puts honor above all. Beowulf….a true hero of the Geats (a North Germanic tribe inhabiting what is now Götaland) and warrior who has no rival. One day at a tavern near Scandinavia Beowulf overhears a story of a monster who has been terrorizing a mead hall in Heorot. Being the kind monster killer he is decides to go check it out with a few hundred men who follow him.”

Beowulf: ” The rumors worry me no fellow ally should have to face the monster alone and the bounty on his head is tremendous”

Wiglaf: “Just give the word my brave leader and we shall do as thy commands”

Beowulf: “ Then we shall set sail at once with no hesitation to aid of Hrothgar the king of the Danes”

Narrator 2: “Beowulf and his men set sailed and arrived at the island of the Danes a month later. They quickly pull the boat ashore and disembark, however him and his soldiers meets company. A group of Danes appear charging at Beowulf with spears at the ready.”

Dane 1: “Who are you? And why are dressed like warriors…speak. What 's stopping me from running my spear right through you.

Beowulf: “We are…

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