Beowulf : The Epic Hero Essay

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In an epic poem, there is always a hero. This hero is someone that goes on a journey for some purpose, whether it is to answer a question or fight in battle. Usually the epic hero’s death is emminent. In Beowulf, the Anglo Saxon epic poem, the epic hero is Beowulf. Beowulf goes to a land where there are struggling people. King Hrothgar and his people are suffering because the men of the country are being slaughtered be Grendal, a monster of the dark that comes in the night to slay for sport. Once Beowulf kills the monster Grendal, more terror arises, yet he seeks out the cause and slays the she-wolf too. In the end of the poem, but many years later, Beowulf seeks out his fame by slaying a dragon that is guarding treasure, but even though the dragon is slain, Beowulf does not survive his wounds from the battle. Beowulf in the Anglo Saxon epic poem Beowulf, is the epic hero because of his bravery. In the beginning of Beowulf, the epic hero Beowulf is brave to seek out Grendal and fight him. Grendal is a monster that comes in the dark of the night to slay the men of King Hrothgar’s kingdom. No matter how far the men go, no matter how hard they try to hide, Grendal finds them and kills them. The people and Hrothgar are terrified because the slaying never ceases and no one is able to fight the monster that is killing for sport. Beowulf hears of these terrifying events and how the people, as well as their king, are suffer in grief and are horrified every night because of fear of…

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