Examples Of Sacrifice In Beowulf

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Have you ever felt like you needed to do something for your people? Or not even your people from a different country. Do you ever feel the need to sacrifice yourself for the others in show people what you are made of? In the poem Beowulf, there is man named Beowulf, and he decides to go to a different town, and try kill off the monster named Grendel. In the poem there are so many things that Beowulf is trying to prove, that everyone is a little nervous to believe him. Beowulf is trying to prove to people, that he can take down the enemy, and help a kingdom, that’s not even in his region. Beowulf becomes a hero in all three parts of the poem. The three behavioral motivations, that come from beowulf are duty, glory, and sacrifice. First of all, Beowulf believes he has a duty, to fight off the monster, that they call Grendel. He sails …show more content…
It was fifty years later, and they had another monster to slay. The people that sacrifice their life to make yours, better is worth living and dying a hero. No one wants to be the person that won’t do anything for anyone, because you don’t find success. To sacrifice the value of your life, to keep others alive, is amazing. Beowulf was crowned king, and as soon as he found out that there was a dragon, he was ready to take down the dragon. He didn’t care how old he was, he was going to fight for his people, and that is the real sacrifice. On line 869 it is said “ So open to his people, so deserving of praise” and in those words it was very true he sacrificed his life to save his people. He also had one soldier that fought beside him, and his name was Wiglet. He was truly a warrior, to help his king slay the dragon. Everyone will make sacrifices in their life, they will turn out to be the best sacrifices ever, because when you wake up one day and you are happy, you have realized that you lived life with no

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