Beowulf Is A Hero Or Not? Essay

1322 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
There are many definitions of heroism today. When you think of hero you think of someone with great courage. The definition of a hero is someone who has heroic characteristic or qualities. Beowulf is a perfect example of heroism. Beowulf is an old English poem about a man who basically plays the beast and other evil things to help save mankind. Usually, this is taught in high school because he is known for heroism, but now critics believe that Beowulf could actually be bad instead of good. Yes, he did kill a monster, but what was Beowulf real reason for killing these monsters? It may not have been for to protect to people but actually so he has fame and honor. The question everybody is asking is if Beowulf is a hero or not. Also, critics were tiring to figure out of Beowulf was Christian or Pagan. He shows multiple signs for each in the play, but he cannot decide one. The poem shows both Christian and pagan elements. Beowulf contains many pagan theme and concepts but also contains many clear themes and references associating with Christianity. Of course, everybody is going to believe that Beowulf is a hero. He slew Grendel which was a giant who ate and killed humans for a sport. General was also the son of Cain who killed Abel, so god commanded Grendel. He also killed humans to strike fear in people just for pure joy. Grendel has been terrorizing the Danes for twelve years. Nobody could save the kingdom from this beast besides Beowulf. He meets Grendel by tearing off his…

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