Beowulf: The Heroic Qualities Of A True Hero

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During times in which people are desperately in need, they always seem to turn to the same person for guidance, a hero. This distinguished leader is composed of various qualities that are vital to their heroic makeup. Throughout history people have been taught the stories of many real and fictional hero’s that have graced our world with their presence. Among these influential leaders is a man named Beowulf. Needless to say it is no coincidence that he is remembered as a great hero. Beowulf will never be forgotten, due to the praise that he receives for the heroic qualities that he possesses such as loyalty, courage,and strength. (108) Loyalty is not only one of the building blocks of a hero 's persona, it is also an important part of a humans …show more content…
Beowulf for example, takes no limits in showing his high levels of strength. First, he single handily defeats the first monster that haunted the Danes for many years. This is incredible due to the fact that no one else was able to accomplish this task. Secondly, Beowulf shows his strength by taking on Grendel’s mother. Not only does he travel down towards her underwater lair while battling sea monsters, he is also able to defeat her. Therefore, once again Beowulf exists the fight as victorious. After he wins the fight, Beowulf examines the lair. To his surprise he finds the remains of Grendel’s corpse and decides to cut of his head, then he begins to swim back to the surface. However to put Beowulf’s strength into perspective, we must examine this feat of strength further. First, Beowulf is able to swim down to Grendel’s mother’s lair while fighting sea demons. Next, when he finally arrives at her domain he is able to build up enough strength and beat her. Finally, he still had the energy to carry Grendel’s head back up to the surface with him, along with many treasures. This is amazing because as Beowulf arrives at the surface it is known that, “ It was a task for four men to hoist Grendel 's head on a spear and bear it under strain to the bright hall” (Beowulf 113). This is significant information due to the fact that Beowulf is able to carry Grendel´s head all on his own, even

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