Essay Beowulf, Beowulf And Hotspur

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In order to find honor, kings and warriors must trust one another. The king must trust the warrior to be able to fight off attackers and warriors must trust kings to know how to help the kingdom after their victories in battle. In Beowulfand I Henry IV, the two warriors, Beowulf and Hotspur, gain the trust of their kings in two different ways. Beowulf gains the trust of King Hrothgar by the traditional customs, while Hotspur does not. Without the help of the warrior, kings could not rule efficiently and have a glorious reign.
Once a warrior has completed a glorious deed, it was customary to give a tribute from that battle to the king. “Look! Son of Healfdene, prince of Ecgtheow: we have brought you gladly these gifts from the sea which you gaze on here, a token of glory.” (Beowulf 1652-1654)
Beowulf, after defeating Grendel 's mother, brought back the hilt of the sword that he used to kill her. To King Hrothgar, Beowulf had done a noble deed and deserved high praise for ending the threat that Grendel and his mother served. Beowulf, as the warrior, gave the king the prize of the sword hilt, implying that it is the king’s victory because the king made the victory possible. By giving the spoils of the battle to the king, Beowulf showed his humility and loyalty to the king. Because of this act, the king trusted Beowulf and awarded him with great honors, the most important one being the fact that Beowulf became an adopted member of his family, creating the path for Beowulf to…

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