Essay about Beowulf As An Epic Poem

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The story of Beowulf is considered an epic poem, which means that the main character is a hero who travels great distances to show his strength and succeeds in many trials even against the supernatural. The Anglo-Saxon period is one that lasted six hundred years, from 410 to 1066 and this is the time period that the epic poem of Beowulf is set in. The Anglo-Saxon period had a definite culture that went along with it and this particular culture is reflected throughout Beowulf in many ways. The people of Anglo-Saxon society had definite values that represented their culture. The way the culture is reflected is by the way that Beowulf carries himself, with humility, dignity, and loyalty, the way Beowulf keeps his status through heroic acts of war, and the way Beowulf shares the same view of fate and destiny as the Anglo-Saxon people.
Throughout the three part epic poem, Beowulf consistently carries himself in a certain way; with humility, dignity, and loyalty to his people. In the Anglo-Saxon society, the people had very straight forward values. Followers were continually loyal to their leader or their chieftain, they were usually humble, especially if they were a leader, and they carried themselves with dignity. The characteristic of being loyal is seen through the third part of Beowulf when Wiglaf stays loyal to Beowulf and helps him fight the dragon. Even though most of the other soldiers did not come to help, Wiglaf stands strong in his loyalty to Beowulf. Beowulf…

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