Beowulf And The Canterbury Tales Essay

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Throughout history stories have been one if the fundamental basis of all cultures no matter if they have been passed down orally from generation to generation or through written in script. There are several stories and poems in The Norton Anthology of English Literature that are considered to be some of the best literature of all time, such as Beowulf, Everyman, and The Canterbury Tales. Within these literature works people can see several differences and similarities as the literature moves through time. Personally, I believe that Beowulf and The Canterbury Tales have the most apparent similarities to the contemporary values of the modern world.
Beowulf’s most iconic similarity to modern times is the heroic nature in Beowulf’s character. Today there are numerous modern day heroes from companies such as Marvel and DC Comics. These heroes use either bruit strength and force or their whit and intelligent to overcome the evil at hand. In Beowulf the author describes Beowulf as “the mightiest man on earth, / highborn and powerful” (Greenblatt, 46). Also, Beowulf is given superhuman qualities such as strength. Beowulf’s handgrip was as strong as thirty men (Greenblatt, 49). He was so strong he ripped Grendel’s arm right off his body. Beowulf characteristics mirror those in modern times where the strong and might man fights the evil that is causing chaos.
The next thing that is similar to modern times from Beowulf is entertainment and parties. Heorot the med-hall for the Geats…

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