Benjamin Franklin One Day Is Worth Two Tomorrows Analysis

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Audience: Benjamin Franklin was a man who knew how to use his words. He developed a whole list of different maxims, or sayings, that can be interpreted literally or figuratively in which people can relate to on a personal level. One of his more famous maxims is “One Day is Worth Two Tomorrows” and is personal and has several different meanings to me. I related to this maxim, because I procrastinate often, and I do not live each day to its fullest. Many days are spent watching television or sleeping in all day. I could spend this time doing homework, going to work, or just being more productive in general. It is a great reminder for me to get up and do at least one productive action a day, because it could take twice as long to do tomorrow and potentially wastes time I will never get back. The saying also reminds me to live in the now and do those crazy things that I have always wanted to do. It also teaches me to live humbly and appreciate what I have, because it might not be here tomorrow. This maxim has many positive meanings to me and is tied with several stories in my past. Each day is worth more than anyone can measure. The days I waste by sleeping in and playing video games all day could have been used to do something helpful and productive. In high school, I did not study and I still …show more content…
It helps remind me that procrastination just wastes more time in the long run. It also helps me remember to live everyday with meaning, and to plan things that I want to do in life, before it is taken away. Lastly, it reminds me to be humble and appreciate what I have. My life has been positively affected by this maxim, because it has taught me many things, like going for what I want and living in a way that is more deserving and beneficial. I have personal affiliations with this maxim and its meaning, and is a good reminder for the future me to live a better

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