Persuasive Essay On The Benefits Of Wearing School Uniform

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All schools worldwide have had rules and regulations ever since education started, which created positive and negative impacts on students. In almost every school, the uniform is the most important rule that all students must stick to. Moreover, several discussions have been made about the importance of school uniforms, and whether wearing them should be enforced or not. Uniforms have numerous benefits such as focusing on studying rather than clothing, saving time and money, and ensuring equality between the rich and poor. While some might disagree as they believe that school uniform is boring and uncomfortable, this paper will show and prove that wearing school uniforms are better for student. One of the benefits of wearing uniforms at school is that students focus on studying instead of clothing. Hammons (2010) states that "When all students are wearing the same outfit, they are less concerned about how they look and how they fit in with their peers; thus, they can concentrate on their schoolwork"(p. 15). Students will …show more content…
It has been proven in that “Wearing school uniforms can make the entire school thing a very boring experience. They ought to be banned totally and gotten rid of for good Several reasons can be given for the agitation to ban school uniforms, but one that most people can easily identify with is the fact that they are quite uncomfortable to be in all the time” (p. 1). However, school uniforms can make ensuring equality between the rich and poor students. Students will be equal in one another eyes, there will be less fun of each other’s clothes because of that school uniforms must be required. Albietz (1998)"If children wear uniforms, they do not notice differences between children from rich and from poor

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