Benefits Of Using The Cloud System Essay

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Be Well is a company that promotes and sells supplements and wellness products in an effort to create a healthier community. The business is operated from Madison, Wisconsin, but is run completely online for the time being. Since Be Well relies very heavily on the internet and other technological services, having everything hosted in the cloud is a major component of running a successful business. Amazon Web Services offers a variety of options to host the website, store files, etc., all services Be Well requires in order to operate. Using the cloud as the primary data center is becoming increasingly popular, as many businesses are transitioning from an in-house data center. One reason many people are making the switch is because a cloud system is much cheaper2. In addition, the cloud can be used almost instantaneously, instead of having to take the time to set up and run an in-house data center. Another benefit of switching to a cloud data center is that it is much more scalable than an in-house data center. More storage can be added as needed, and it is not necessary to predict storage needs ahead of time. However, there are some downfalls associated with switching to the cloud. In-house data centers are most definitely more secure than the cloud. You are entrusting the security of your data to other people, instead of being responsible for your own security1. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers platforms that fit the needs of almost any business. The offer over…

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