Benefits Of Updated Computer Technology Essay

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Benefits of updated computer technology in the Canadian workplace SONIA (300819375)

Professor Mirjana Ignjatovic
Course code 219-073

Benefits of updated computer technology in Canadian workplace
Nowadays, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and it has made inroads in all walks of life. Computer is one of the greatest inventions adopted by today’s world. As in case of advancement of technology the functionality of computers is being updated and improved day by day including its speed, accuracy, reliability and integrity. This transformation in computers has changed the life of people in home and even in their workplace. Computers have affected our every aspect like communicating, learning, writing, storing information, playing and working. It has become an indispensible device for everyone today specially in business and workplace and it has been considered that business in which computers are not used are weaker in productivity and performance as well.
Canada is known to be one of the top ranked countries in field of technology. Technology has great impact on the overall economy and productivity of Canada. In Canada, most of the people prefer to use computers in almost every field like education, workplace, hospitals and many other areas. In addition to this, computers enable us to do our work more accurately and quickly. This is one of the best features of this invention that it has replaced…

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