Benefits Of The Uk Staying On The Eu Essay

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Benefits of the UK Staying in the EU

Ever since its admittance to the European Union in 1993, the question of whether to stay in the EU remains a highly debated issue in Britain. The European Union is the primary governing organization of Europe, consisting of 28 countries and 500 million people who participate in the world’s economy as a single market. This permits people, goods, services, and capital to move freely around Europe with reduced regulations for the collective benefit of European residents and consumers. Considering the EU’s global presence and Britain 's affluent status, Britain plays a significant role in the EU’s 30% of world GDP. While there are supportable arguments for the UK leaving the UK in the short term, it is in the best interest of British trade, the rights of workers, and the future of European Union for Britain to stay in the EU.
British membership to the EU carries a significant cost to the UK, estimated at a hefty 10% of British GDP. In 2009, their membership “dues” would have been equivalent to £139 billion, however, this figure can not be relied on exclusively because it is undeniable that some of this money will come back to benefit the UK. Another concern of Britain staying in the EU is the growing trade deficit it runs with the EU. The £135 billion trade deficit accrued between 2005 and 2009 resulted in nearly 2 million skilled jobs that Britain lost to other EU countries. While these figures may seem threatening to British economy,…

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