Benefits Of The Sustainable Organic Farming Essay examples

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For our overabundance of a population, our food security isn’t healthy and that reflect the health of our people, overweight, undernourished, or just unhealthy to the max. With a large population of these people not comprehending where, or how their food got from their home to ours, and maybe they do not care but they should. They should understand that even when something says ‘fresh’ that ‘fresh’ item has taken 2 days, many trucks, many miles, and many workers hands to get to your local grocery or food stand, and that is not ‘fresh’ to most. These practices come from traditional farming that has taken a new meaning to traditional because today traditional usually comes along with a corporate company holding the farm 's name at a patient price. The sustainable organic farming that has continuously been building itself up on the sidelines finally can have public eye inside its wholesome practices in saving the land, crop, and animals that may be integrated into the sustainability of the new traditional organic farming. Which of these growing methods will the nations choose to continue to feed their populations in a chemical processed or organic way; can the populations sway the governments say or will we be fed what they want to feed us? Can we find a way the government can help us to feed ourselves without their help, yes we can with the help of communities united against the large corporate rule on our food security and access? By changing our ways to feed the earth…

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