Benefits Of Taking A Gap Year After High School Essay

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Are you graduating high school and do not have a clue of what you want to do with the rest of your life? You should consider taking a gap year. Do you think students benefit from taking a gap year after high school? Students who graduate from high school should take a gap year before furthering their education because there are many benefits of taking a year off from school. Many students who decide to take a gap year gain new life experiences, increase their knowledge, and receive benefits after their gap year is over. According to Jody Goldberg from San Jose Mercury News, a typical gap year lasts twelve months in order for a student to pursue other interests they may have in life before attending college. Students who plan to take a gap year should have a financial plan in order to have a successful gap year (Goldberg).
To begin with, many people choose to take a gap year to gain new life experiences. Everyone has different goals and things they want to achieve in their gap year. Julie Newton notes, most teens who take the academic break decide to work, volunteer, and travel to different countries (Counter 1). According to Michael Ryval, “Traveling helps some teenagers become more self- reliant” (Ryval 42). By taking a gap year, most students learned more about themselves than they would by going to college right after high school. Goldberg states “That year gave me the time to define myself in my own terms.” “Without my gap year experience, I would not have had the…

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