Essay on Benefits Of Raising Healthy Children

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A quote from Mary Pipher (Mooney, 2013) is one which I believe each and every one of us must attempt to read at least once in our lifetime: Raising healthy children is a labor-intensive operation. Contrary to the news from the broader culture, most of what children need, money cannot buy. Children need time and space, attention, affection guidance and conversation.
They need sheltered places where they can be safe as they learn what they need to know to survive (p. 5).
This is where Piaget, Vygotsky and Montessori come in to illustrate to us, the need for children to express themselves in order to facilitate growth and development as was intended by nature. While Maria Montessori was the pioneer in understanding children’s development, I will peruse that of Jean Piaget, one of her admirers. Piaget was a major contributor to the knowledge base of educational psychology.

While others asked what children know or when they know it, Piaget asked how children arrive at what they know. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development has created our overall view of how children think in their early years, and that it is the childrens’ interactions with their environment are what create learning. Children, he purported, constructed their own knowledge by giving meaning to the people, places, and things in their world.

My four-year old nephew Keyson, is at the preoperational stage of Piaget’s Theory of
Cognitive Development where he…

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