Essay on Benefits Of Minimum Wage Pay Jobs

1697 Words May 5th, 2016 null Page
Many citizens in the United States struggle, barely making it with minimum wage paying jobs. Most people work two to three jobs put together, to pay for their livings and to support for their families. Based on the State of California: Department of Industrial Relations, in October 1, 1996, minimum wage was $4.25-increasing to $4.75 within that year. A year after, in March 1st, the wage was $5.15-$5.75, but it changed again on September 1st. Increasing a dollar twenty-five. Today, minimum wage was $9 and it went up to $10 by January 1st, 2016. As people may say, that’s why you go to college to make a good income, it’s not as easy as it seems to work for what you want. It all takes time and money. Not everyone can qualify for financial aid, so where does the money come from to go to college? The money is coming from their own pockets. If the minimum wage goes up, it would help a lot of families and teenagers--who are working to help their parents. Speaking on behalf of those who approves on increasing minimum wage, it would help those independent young adults, who are supporting themselves in life, to the ones who are helping their parents, and those who are trying to better themselves, paying their way to school. However, if the minimum wage goes up, the taxes and cost of living would go up, and small businesses who can not afford to pay more would go out of business.
It is impossible to live on minimum wage salary, let alone for retirement too. Everyone deserves that…

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