Benefits Of Medicare For Medicare Essay

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Many healthcare facilities do not accept Medicare, or they limit the number of medicare patients that they will treat. This is because Medicare pays the doctors of those facilities a lot less than they would get from a normal patient not with Medicare. Because they make less from doing the same work, they decide to make themselves less accessible to these patients with Medicare. Doctors that actually do provide for Medicare are paid these pre-determined fees for each task, and therefore it doesn’t matter if they provide high quality care or low quality care, they are being paid the same amount (How Entrepreneurs Could Solve Medicare 's Problems). Recipients of Medicare can be paying up to three different sets of premiums and they have great difficulty getting the care in which they are paying for.
Due to how the doctors are getting paid by Medicare and how Medicare funds certain things and only certain things, the quality of the care they receive is not what it should be. Because Medicare does not pay for more services that would benefit the patient by improving the quality of the service, they do not reach their full potential of health. For an example, diabetics receive extremely fragmented care and they are not trained by the hospital on how to take care of themselves (How Entrepreneurs Could Solve Medicare 's Problems). If Medicare funded services to improve the quality of care, diabetics could be trained on how to take care of themselves to make sure they are as…

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