Benefits Of Integrated Health Care Essay

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The emergence of better technologies has improved delivery of health care services. Not only can patients experience quality-of-life but also effectively participate in the treatment process. However, because of the benefits of technology, physicians, psychiatrists, and other healthcare professionals continue to anticipate the future of the field of health care (Bradley et al., 1999). Most importantly by pursuing perfectionism in the provision of health care services. Even so, it has increasingly become common knowledge that the effectiveness of treatment depends on the physical resilience of the patients as well as the mental stability. It is for such reason that experts in health care continue to experiment with various health care models, and consequently making a breakthrough through the concept of integrated care, which is a blend of primary care with the sophisticated psychiatry practice. The result has been one of the most dynamic healthcare models in our modern world. Indeed, such developments indicate an attempt to improve the traditional health care procedures. In fact, integrated health care is an economic and socially viable health care model.
Unlike many specialized terms, there seems to be a unity of understanding among health care scholars and practitioners on the meaning of integrated care (Kodner & Spreeuwenberg, 2002). As the tag suggests, integrated health care is a multidisciplinary health care model. In this model, general physicians, health care…

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