Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms Essay examples

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Recently, debates over genetically modified organisms have taken place, but what many people don’t realize is that humans have been modifying the genes of plants for thousands of years. From the beginning of time to now, most likely, nothing that we consume looks the same, so why are debates over things being genetically modified taking place now? In 1983, Monsanto, along with three academic teams, were among the first to genetically modify a plant cell, which has led to many different opportunities in genetic engineering (Wald). Since then, some faults have been identified, but many people are failing to realize some of their major benefits, such as those in the environment and the agricultural industry, pharmaceutical industry, and the economy. Others argue that there are risks to digesting GMOs since we may be unaware of what we are putting into our bodies, but overall, there are multiple positive effects that people need to take into consideration.
Genetically Modified Organisms have helped environmental and agricultural efforts in many ways, for example, they reduce the use of chemicals and pesticides, improve product output, and can even contribute to lower environmental degradation. Throughout many years, farmers have struggled with pesticides that are used to help plant growth but have actually come to create health risks later on when humans digest the chemicals that are transferred to the plants from the pesticides. Pesticides have also come to create issues with…

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