Essay Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food

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Problems with the demand for food coupled with the need to protect untouched flora and fauna have been among several of the driving forces to produce enhanced food products. Enhanced meaning, plants are resistant to pest or in turn unaffected by insecticides or herbicides used before harvesting. It also means the food has more vitamins for us and the animals we feed. Enhanced food products, also mean more aesthetically pleasing plants or foods with a higher shelf life and or a longer tolerance for any physical or biological environmental stress. How do they accomplish this? Genetics. Genetically modifying food is one of the shortest ways in terms of time to improve food. To do this we have to modify the gene by adding or subtracting from a plants genetic strand. Gene modification of food comes in two processes, transgenic and cisgenic. However, grasping the full understanding of genetically modified foods has become a complicated factor for people who may consume them, the companies that make them and the governments that must regulate them. Current consumer viewpoint seems to suggest that the less natural a product is the higher the likelihood for it to contain some kind of harmful effect. This paper is going to define the nature of a genetically modified plant, define and distinguish between transgenic plants and cisgenic plants, discuss the similarities between cisgenics and traditional propagation of plants and lastly discuss how people see the use of genetically…

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