Essay on Benefits Of Code And Fix

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What are the benefits of code & Fix

There is a few advantages to the code and fix methodology, these may be no overheads, documentation and QA processes. Generally speaking and important to note it is used in short term, simple projects that require little man-hours to complete. It is also useful for simple projects in need of proof-of concept and finally it can be advantageous for short lived demos and/or throwaway prototypes.
What are the disadvantages of code & Fix?

There is a great risk involved in doing code in this fashion due to it being somewhat headfirst with no real planning involved. If you find yourself close to the end result and it is ultimately flawed you will have to restart the project again from scratch. Also in this type of methodology there is no way in assessing the quality of your work and in saying that, let alone knowing if the end-product will be playable and/or usable. Gathered the time frame and resources needed to complete this sort of project will have to be close to eternal if it were for a large production.
What are the differences between two main types of prototyping?
The differences between the two main types of prototyping is that on one hand you have a flexible way of dealing with the projects outcome for example in this particular case it consists of gathering feedback as you work, which means requirements of the project are met and pushed forward even though the customer will be reluctant to commit to a set of requirements furthering…

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