Essay on Benefits Of Being Treated Like Customers

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The ongoing debate whether students are customers or not has established that majority of people believe today that students are customers. The quality of this debate, however, is still not put to rest. There are many that believe this is either good or bad. Majority of research I have conducted sways the opinion believing that students being treated like customers is not a good thing, particularly for the students. There are many benefits from treating students like customers for the schools, but in a professor’s viewpoint, especially, they believe that this is not right and should not be a thing anymore. We have all heard the saying, “The customer is always right.” In these situations, we typically think of the customer consuming a product in a business. In this particular situation, the customer is valued as a student in higher education. If the student is resembling a customer, would we think that they’re always right? Although it might be crucial for universities to treat students like customers to thrive and survive, it does not make this issue right.
According to most schools, many have attempted to use the “student as customer” paradigm for only good intentions. There were many contributions that made this paradigm well-rounded and liked. Wilhelm von Humboldt, who some regard as the prime mover in the German system, stated, "The teacher no longer serves the purpose of the student. Instead, they both serve learning itself" (von Humboldt 1969). Later on, schools in…

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