Essay on Benefits Of Being A Teenager

1056 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Being a teenager is not as easy as you think, as you grow older life becomes more complicated and frustrating. Sometimes, you get lost. You don’t know what do, you don’t know who to trust anymore and unsure of the path you wish to embark upon. You find it hard to enjoy the things you once found pleasure in. As time passes by the feeling doesn’t stop and then there will come a point that you’ll discover something terrifying. You’re depressed. The world doesn’t seem as beautiful anymore. You don’t want anybody else to help you. You have become an introvert now. You’ll feel as if you don’t have any worth in this world anymore for days or months at a time. Sometimes the pain feels lighter. It’s because time heals all wounds. I chose this topic because I know a few people with depression and honestly speaking, it’s not easy. I know that this research will be beneficial to many people.
Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can have a negative effect on a person 's thoughts, behavior, feelings, world view and physical well- being. There are three kinds of depressive illness: the sad, melancholy kind, called major depression, and manic-depression or bipolar disorder, when feeling down and depressed alternates with being speeded-up and sometimes reckless, or dysthymic depression. Lots of people get depression confused with extreme sadness. Depression is not a term just to be thrown around; it is a severe state of being. Dysthymic depression is a low level…

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