Benefits Of A Patient Insurance Company Should Not Get On The Way Of Decision Making

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Neutrality: Preference of patient insurance company should not get in the way of decision-making. Staying neutral is a must to show favoritism is unethical. A healthcare professional is required to follow ethical procedure not matter the relationship to the patient. (MB Guide)
Violation of guidelines, stealing, coding services unperformed, unbundling procedures, and so on are unaccepted and in most cases, intolerable. When an unethical medical problem is performed, either by a colleague, patient, or other physicians it needs to be reported to the employer. (MB Guide)
Patient Rights:
Patients have the right to be treated with dignity. Treat them and their loved ones with kindness. All patients have the right to privacy. Use discretion when speaking with clients and leaving a message regarding their patient account. Patients have the right to request certain disclosures of their medical history. Obtain all authorization documentation before disclosing any information to outside entities. (MB Guide)
Professional integrity:
Professionalism is crucial when interacting with patients, insurance companies, coworkers, and anyone else you may come in contact with. Specialists are required to check that all codes are accounted for, no additional codes are added, and all the fine details of billing are complete when submitting claims. (MB guide)
Recognize Key Stakeholders According to Patient Safety Quality Improvement, (PSQI), the stakeholders in healthcare are “providers,…

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