Benefits Of A Gap Year Essay

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A gap year is a period in a students life, after they finish A-levels, in which he or she may decide to take a year out of education. The reasons for doing so can vary immensely, yet the impact this can have on the students future, and whether a gap-year can be beneficial, is a topic that is heavily debated. This essay will consider both sides of the debate. It will assess the reasons teenagers have for both leaving and staying after finishing secondary school, or college.

A large amount of gap-year participants will go abroad, purely to learn a new language, with some “Gappers”, choosing to take on language lessons at their chosen travel destination (Gordon, 2014). Learning a new language is often required for gap-year students, as the countries they visit often have their own language, especially as the top gap-year destinations include, Thailand, Fiji, Brazil, Vietnam, and Peru, which all have their own languages. It’s often said that the most efficient way you can learn a language is by completely immersing yourself in it, despite this, learning a new language can still be a daunting task, as a foreign language will often come with a foreign culture, something students may have little experience with.

Most cultures, that students submit themseleve to, are based on national identity. However, there are some cultures which are based on partying and teenage debauchery, such as the island locations of Ibiza and Majorca. As gap-years are becoming an international trend,…

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