Cannibutter Research Paper

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How to make Cannibutter

"The tradition of consuming cannabis orally is an ancient, perhaps tens of thousands of years old, while cannabis smoking is much more recent. (Jardin, 2014) In order to consume your own edibles though you are going to have to produce your own Cannabutter. You will gather all the ingredients and utensils required to make your concoction. Then, you will grind the flowers and leaves of the female plants for easier cannabinoids, the compounds responsible for the “high” as well as many medicinal purposes, extraction. Finally, when the simmering is complete, you are going to strain the butter mixture into jars for immediate use or storage. Learning to make your own Cannibuter can be fun and rewarding.
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Meanwhile, you want to take your cannabis and break it into small enough chunks to fit into a coffee grinder or other grinding device, remember the higher thc content of cannabinoids in the starting material the more will be in your final product, grind the material down to the consistency of large salt particles. While the grinder is doing its job, start melting the corresponding amount of butter, one lb. of butter per ounce of bud in your boiling pot. This is accomplished in the second pot that comes with the double boiler, or the smaller of the two pots if you are just using regular cookware. Once the butter is thoroughly melted, but not burned, you will slowly start pouring in the ground marijuana, stirring vigorously to ensure a good mixture. Simmer the butter cannabis mixture for several hours on medium low, minding to keep the pot the butter is covered so as not to introduce too much water to the butter. Boiling the mixture activates the cannabinoids in the marijuana and helps the fats in the butter to absorb it making the psychoactive compounds effective in your baked goods later on. Signs that your Cannabuter is done are, your kitchen will smell strongly of marijuana and the mixture will have attained a greenish brown color. This is when you will remove the butter from the heat and prepared for

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