Essay on Benefits And Disadvantages Of The Jubilee

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The principles of the Jubilee discussed in Leviticus 25 can be applied to third world countries, but there are benefits and disadvantages if the Jubilee system is applied. Depending on whose perspective one looks at, the Jubilee system would benefit or pose as a threat. To the less fortunate and those who had sold their property as a means of survival would receive all of their property in the year of Jubilee. The rich, who had exploited from the poor, would disagree with this system as they will lose control of the property they gain or cancel the debt others owe them. Since they have more “power” in the country, the Jubilee system might not work as effectively. Civil war may even occur as a result. The Jubilee is a year of release and liberty, according to Leviticus 25:10 (ESV). It allows the people to return to their land and property. With the restoration of land and property to its original owner, the people of the country would receive what they had once lost. The poor people often lose their land and property to the wealthy people of the land; this restoration of land and property assures that the impoverished would regain their property after fifty years. The destitute often are exploited by the wealthy. Since this poor people are often lack of education, the wealthy trick or threaten the poor for their land and property. Thus, leaving these people without land or property. If the Jubilee system is applied in this situation, the impoverished would receive their…

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