Benefits And Disadvantage Of A Skeleton Muscular Essay

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The 're numerous ways to study nowadays and way to memories or how to learn for everyone. It can be easier for ones or hard for others, some students like to studying alone other like groups either way can be good or bad. That why their advantage and disadvantage to study alone vs. studying in group. There no good or bad answers since everyone have their own opinion about what work best with each one. The only way to discover the best method for you is to try both and see which one work the best.
The pro to study alone allows you to decrease the change of getting distraction by making you to focus more on what you really need more help working on your own pace. Example: Laura has a test on Wednesday of medical terminology and is already Tuesday, she need to practice how to write the correct definition for skeleton muscular. If she gets in a group to study changes of getting distraction increase because she is focusing more in other thing like talking instead of practicing. The pro of studying in group can make you learn more as you can break down the test and study materials by split them up, talking about it and correcting each other. Can also beneficial considering that another member of the group may have a better understanding on particular information. Example: Kevin have a math test on fraction he need help on the multiplication fraction even though he is good with subtraction Laura need help on the division fraction and she is good with subtraction. Omar is having…

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