Benefits And Benefits Of Recycling Essay examples

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The demand of resources used to produce not only common university materials such as paper, plastic, metals, and glass, but also the infrastructure around us such as roads, and highways is at an all-time high due to the growing U.S. population of over 322.7 million (United States Census Bureau). The importance of recycling is greater than ever, and It’s every student’s responsibility to be not only informed about materials they can and cannot recycle but to reduce, reuse and recycle for the environment and future generations. Although there is speculation against recycling’s immediate benefits, or if the time and energy spent on recycling is worth the money it cost, the benefits recycling has on our environment outweigh the impact it has on our time and wallets.
There are many benefits and reasons to recycle that not only benefit household consumers, but also businesses looking to save money. For example, if you are interested in becoming a contractor or working in road construction you may be familiar with hot mix recycling, or hot mix asphalt recycling; the prosses of waste pavement materials heated up, mixed with aggregate, and transport to a paving site (Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana) According to the Federal Highway Administration of the various types of recycling options available, hot mix recycling is considered as a very useful and proven method with comparatively low costs. Using hot mix recycling as a contractor you would be able to reduce…

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