Benefits And Benefits Of Employee Benefits Essay

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Employee benefits have been considered as important parts of workers’ compensation since 20 century. The benefits weighed nearly 30 percent of workers’ total compensations now and are still consistently growing large. Companies would provide retirement plans, paid vacation and leave, and insurance and health care plans to the employees. Moreover, companies even offer some benefits to the employees’ spouses. Some of the examples are employers would add employees’ spouses and children to their health care plans, provide sick leave for the employees if their spouses or children are sick, and family leave for employees to adopt, or the birth of the children.
The Employment Retirement Income Security Act, which also called ERISA, is a federal law that regulates the benefit plans that employers provided to the employees. And Social Security retirement benefit is a type of benefit that provides money to workers who are retired, disabled or deceased workers’ spouses. One of the Social Security benefit is called spousal benefit. The spousal benefits are provided for people who financially depend on their spouses who covered by the Social Security. Under the normal circumstance, workers would receive their Social Security benefits after the retirement. However, the Social Security benefits are also paid to the spouses of physically challenged, retired, or deceased workers entitled to Social Security. The Social Security would pay 50 percent of the retired or disabled workers’…

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