Nustar Energy Case Study

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NuStar Energy prides itself on being an employee driven company that relies on its employees for the success of the business. With relying on employees so heavily, NuStar must utilize strategies and tools in order to motivate its employees to want to succeed. Theory Y is a theory about human motivation and management that entails management viewing employees as internally motivated and want to do their job in return for a direct reward. Theory Y also entails that the company/management relies heavily on the employees which turns the employee into a much appreciated and compensated asset. The manager/employee relationships are also based on personal connection rather than a teaching basis. NuStar Energy is known to be heavily influenced by the …show more content…
Not only does NuStar provide these basic perks but the company also provides services to those who need it including: flexible schedules, compressed work sheets, offsite subsidized childcare, elder care resources, and unpaid sabbaticals. If that isn 't enough to motivate the NuStar employees the company also provides free beverages during the day, free lunch, on-site mail service, discount ticket sales, massage therapy, dry cleaning, personal travel service, and banking. NuStar Energy also provides a number of onsite health benefits including breast cancer screening, cholesterol tests, flu shots, subsidized gym memberships, and medical facilities ("NuStar Energy", 2016). The compensation provided to employees is a great bonus to all of the above perks, the average terminal salaried manager makes around $95,000 a year with an additional $21,000 in bonuses, where as an hourly manager makes around $71,000 with $20,000 in bonuses. The senior management and CEO are so dedicated to their employees and the well being of their employees that in past years they have been known to give up bonuses just so that the employees could get the bonuses …show more content…
As an additional incentive, employees get paid time off to go and volunteer doing community service for their local communities and environments. Other employees state that they enjoy working for the company because of the corporate environment that it entails, which is positive, uplifting, and motivational. While the majority of employees state that the incentives and health benefits that the company provides cannot compare to any other company that they have worked for ("NuStar Energy", 2016). NuStar does not provide any specific strategies in which they use to keep employees motivated but they do have a variety of programs, policies, and committees that are aimed at providing the best experience for employees. Their No Layoff Policy is an important installment because it lets employees know that they will not induce layoffs randomly. This policy has been very successful because they have never had a layoff. The Chairman of the Board, Bill Greehey, has a variety of executive committees including the audit and compensation

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