Benchmark Assignment – Heritage Assessment Essay

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Benchmark Assignment – Heritage Assessment

Benchmark Assignment – Heritage Assessment When clinically assessing patients in care settings, it is paramount for health professionals to elicit pertinent information that could be crucial for delivery of care. This is particularly important in the United States because the increasing diversity in racial and ethnic composition of the population has presented cultural challenges that care givers must navigate to provide culturally competent service. Cultural competence during delivery of care requires sensitivity to the cultural, social, and linguistic needs of patients (Betancourt, Green, Carrillo, 2002). As a consequence, care providers need cultural assessment tools that will enable them
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The husband’s mother and father are fourth generation and first generation Estonian Americans respectively. The family members are very liberal in their outlook but they still maintain close connections with paternal relatives. They still visit extended family members who live within the state and prefer to eat traditional Estonian foods. Like most Estonians, dairy products, potatoes, fish, and meat are some of the mainstays in the family diet (Presser, 2012). Soups made from a mixture of mushrooms and cabbage or blended with milk, sour cream and cinnamon are popular. Vodka and beer are the drinks mostly preferred by the family as by Estonians (Presser, 2012). The interviewed family members are Lutherans but they rarely celebrate ethnic holidays on their own because of their multiethnic family composition. However, their extended families are practicing Lutherans who also strictly observe religious and ethnic holidays. It is therefore normal that they are occasionally invited into large family gatherings on special holidays. The multiethnic identity of the family also means that Estonia is only spoken with relatives from the husbands’ side. The final family interviewed was an African American family. There is a strong sense of community and members place importance to family, friends and the church as sources of support. The family is religiously affiliated to the Baptist Church and members actively engage in church functions. Singing and dancing is

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