Ben Has A Relationship With The Employees Essay

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As plant managers at Consolidated Products, Ben and Phil had very different

approaches to their managerial styles. Ben has worked at the plant for 15 years and has

developed many relationships with the employees at the plant. Ben has a relationship

oriented managerial style. A people-oriented management style tends to energize

employees because it makes them feel appreciated for the work they do (Friedman

2013). Ben shows concern for the employees and socializes with them on a daily basis.

Ben believes that building personal relationship with the employees will increase their

loyalty to the company. Ben tries to provide a positive environment and goes out of his

way to be personable with the employees. Ben thinks that if he is supportive and helpful

to his employees, that they will be eager to do a better job at work.

He consistently communicated with them and found ways to avoid layoffs when

production slowed down. Ben believed that if you treat people right, they will do a good

job for you without close supervision or prodding (Yukl 1989). Ben used this approach

with his supervisors as well. He didn’t set goals or require the supervisors to follow a set

of standards. Consequently, the plant had wasn’t operated in a production maximizing

manner. The costs the plant incurred were very high and production was very low, but

with Ben as the manager, the employee turnover was the lowest out of all five of the


Ben’s approach of…

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