Ben Hampers And The Industrial Industry Essays

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Ben Hampers is a former employee in GM (General Motors) factory and he also is the author of Rivethead: Tales From The Assembly Line. Hampers is the third generations worker in GM from 1970s to 1980s, he believes that every day working in the assembly line is very monotonous and boring, so he and his colleagues will always come up with interesting ideas to ease the boring work. In addition, he faces layoffs in the automotive industry and some controversy with his factory’s management. The automobile industry has always been an important player in the US economy, but in the end of the twentieth century the competitiveness of the US auto industry was weakened by the resource crisis and intense competition among its peers. He was fired by the factory, but before long, he returned to the factory to continue to work. He and his colleagues in a variety of ways to release the pressure of work, such as drinking and taking drugs. We can learn that, whenever the reorganization and adjustment of the industry, will damage the interests of workers.
After I read Ehrenreich and Hamper’s writing, I began to look back my past life experiences and observation of society. I grow up in China, a socialist country. When I was young, I remember my elementary school has been instill various kinds of political thought to us, for example, socialism is superior to capitalism, all people in western countries under the capitalist system has a very hard life, life with injustice and high crime rates and…

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