Belonging Essay

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“A sense of belonging requires an understanding of one’s past.” Although the main aspect of this quote is referring to the past; in other words time, it could also mean features of the past, such as people, places, past experience etc. These aspects of belonging are extensively shown within Peter Skrzynecki’s ‘Immigrant Chronicle’; in particular the poems ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’ and ‘in the folk museum’. Belonging and all of its aspects are also shown through the movie ‘Dead Poets society’ and particularly through the characterisation of Mr Keating and Todd Anderson. Although they all have belonging placed within their storyline; they all have different aspects of connection whether it is positive or negative.
In the poem ‘Feliks
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The movie ‘Dead Poet Society’ is about young men that are forced to a high class school by their parents to achieve a high class occupation. The text itself has a variety of views about belonging but is more considerably seen through the characterisation of Mr Keating and Todd Anderson. Mr Keating is the new teacher that previously attended the school. He was originally part of the Dead poet society. Mr Keating himself is not trying to find where he belongs, but is more trying to challenge the minds of the students to try finding their own identity. This is evident throughout many scenes but especially within the courtyard scene. He tells the students to march around the courtyard but not in a particular way, but more in their own way; this is designed to challenge the students to find their own identity. Mr Keating however begins to influence the boys when he tells them about his past and the Dead Poets Society, and challenging them to walk away from conformity. Even though Mr Keating’s Characterisation is essential to finding the students identity, it is Todd Anderson who really challenges this. Todd Anderson begins as an insecure character, but as he begins to form a relationship with Mr Keating and begins to know more about his past, he begins to evolve and find his own identity. This however goes against the quote, “A sense of belonging requires an understanding of one’s past;” because of that fact Todd did not use his own past, but instead the past of Mr

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