Essay on belonging speech

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Belonging speech
Good morning/Afternoon teachers and students today I will be showing you how a sense of belonging or not belonging greatly influences an individual’s identity. A change in identity occurs when belonging is found through meaningful, intimate relationships, with senses of place, community, safety and familiarity. The free verse novel, The Simple Gift, composed by Steven Herrick, the dramatic fairy tale film, Edward Scissor hands, directed and created by Tim Burton and the novel Matilda composed by Roald Dahl, all explore the concepts of belonging and relationships through the strong use of literary techniques; and focus on a changing Identity as a base for belonging. All texts have significantly different perspectives of
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Herrick later utilizes the characterization of Ernie and Irene, total strangers who through altruism and kindness offer him refuge and simple gifts. Ernie starkly contrasts Billy’s father, and introduces the motif of gifts, which influences Billy’s selfless nature. Irene, the librarian, offers Billy empathy and doesn’t judge him. The two characters of Ernie and Irene have anagrammatic names, because they were both designed to serve the same purpose -offer the simple gift of kindness and altruism. Billy’s relationship with these characters fosters his change of identity to a much more caring person.
Although Billy’s sense of not belonging is evident, he finds places of isolation, safety and familiarity throughout The Simple Gift. His makeshift home, a train carriage becomes his home and provides him with sense of belonging to place. Billy describes the train carriage as a ‘cave’ and ‘a hotel’. He classifies it as a cave because it protects him from the elements and furthermore as a hotel because it is not his permanent residence. His places of belonging and refuge greatly influence his identity.
Further on in The Simple Gift, Billy discovers true belonging is found through meaningful, emotionally nourishing relationships. Billy’s relationship with Old Bill is one of the most important, as they give each other purpose, safety and nourishment. Billy explains “that’s why I

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