Belonging Place Essay

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Finding a sense of belonging to a place can influence an individual’s sense of acceptance within the community and culture or opposingly can enhance their sense of isolation and alienation from society.This is reflected through Raimond Gaita’s memoir Romulus My Father and Manfred Jurgensen’s poem Bonegilla 1916 through extensive literary devices.We learn individuals perceptions of place and their ability to adjust to new places governs their ability to belong and feel at home with new cultures.
An individuals perception of the surrounding landscape will govern and influence their ability to reconcile a sense of belonging within the community.This message is highlighted through the character of Romulus who displays pessimist perceptions
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The simile “he felt like a prisoner in Australia” shows “he longed for European society” and it is evident that an inability to understand and adjust to new places can have negative consequences.For Crhistine,her inability to adjust to new places is shown through the planting of peppercorns as to “mediate between local and European landscapes” however even so she struggles to adjust to new cultures and this causes her mental illness and isolation.
Bonegilla 1961 also highlights that an inability to adjust to new landscapes can cause a lack of belonging when origins and traditions become a barrier for settling in new cultues.The immigrants’ connection to European traditions of the past cause them to long for European society.The personification in “Childhood call them home,” highlights the immigrants’ nostalgic attitudes towards previous tradtions and roots becoming a barrier for their new belonging.”The young men sob in darkness,” the use of school boy metaphors express their lack of

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